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Learning Management System (LMS)

Assess gives you access to your own LMS, which enables you to allocate, record and report on all the learning completed by your staff. However, if you want a more bespoke solution, we can provide that. Alternatively, if you already have an LMS it should be possible for us to link to your platform.


Online Access

Assess is an online training platform which means it is easy to access 24/7. Everyone with a licence can login to the system via a browser on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. There is no installation required, just login and start training – simple!

easy adminstrator

Easy Admin

Assess has been developed to run by itself supported by some clever automation. We will help you set up some rules that mean training can be repeated on a regular basis and reports can be automatically sent through. We also provide you with a really friendly helpdesk if you ever need to talk.

settings control

Manager Controls

The system allows managers to monitor training activity within their teams. This enables them to take control and ensure that everyone is up to date with their activities. With managers involved in the training process you will be sure to get maximum usage from the system and see real ROI.



The simple solution to meet your training and competency needs.


Assess +

A bespoke solution to more complex requirements, normally for those with more than 200 employees.


Hosted content only

A more flexible solution where a company has a third party LMS already in place, and only wants access to our content.