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Good quality reporting drives performance and success. Training activities are automatically recorded to build data reports so you can easily evidence training and competencies across your business.

flexible yoga

Flexible reporting

You can build your own reports or select from a host of pre-built reports and easily view assessment attempts, pathway completions, test scores and results or activities yet to be completed.



Detailed dashboards bring your training data to life, providing you with a clear view of user activities, completions and scores across teams and departments.

robo reporting

Robo reporting

Imagine a world where you never have to ask for a report, it just arrives at the time and date you specifically requested. Assess allows you to set up automatic delivery of reports whether it’s daily weekly or monthly. These can be set to arrive in anyone’s inbox – even the Boss's!

cpd reports

CPD Reports

Users can complete development needs and reflective statements online. Assess automatically records each activity to help maintain CPD records and run reports. Users can also add offline CPD events to Assess and CII members can link their Assess records to their CII CPD record and maintain their activity in one place. In addition, there is a specific 15-hour IDD CPD tool.

manager view

The Managers view

Managers have access to their direct reports progress on all allocated Assess activities by viewing the managers dashboard from their homepage. This is a keyway to ensure that learning pathways are completed.

boss view

The Boss's view

The Boss can see everything! At the click of a button the Boss can see an overview of the whole company dashboard. This means they can easily identify competency risks to the business.